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It’s a question on every car shopper’s mind: ‘How do i know that the price I see on this car is a good price?’ There hasn’t been a great answer to this question, until now.We believe you have the right to a great car deal without spending time for haggling. You shouldn’t have to pay more than your neighbour for the same car, just because of negotiating. That’s why we started RightCar. Welcome to the easier, faster and most fun way to get the better price on your new car!

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“RightCar saved a huge amount of time by
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- Peter Fang

“I will recommend RightCar to my friends.
Thanks for giving me a smartest Car buyinng experience!”

- Chai Jun Wei


- Susan Chen

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a trade-in?
It is always recommended that you settle on the price of the new vehicle before you discuss the price of your trade-in. This prevents the dealer from “playing with the numbers” to give the appearance of a great trade-in value with a smaller discount on the new car (or vice versa).

Why use your service instead of buying myself?
We help you get the best price of new car, and also save your time, no more guessing and no more haggling.

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